Photography is a powerful medium of expression and interpretation. Whether this is applied in the studio or the outside world the image ultimately receives a portion of the photographer’s soul and beliefs. It is thus the soul or portrayal of that moment or subject matter within the image that creates an emotional response from the viewer.

Photography over the years has taken me on a journey to learn my craft and to observe my environment. The resulting imagery whether for a commercial assignment, for an exhibition, or while I am traveling all have a common element – the observation of light.

Light is an important variable and utilising it is central to my imagery. I am fascinated by its properties and I believe its use creates a sense of eloquence and beauty for the subject or the moment. I hope, thus through my photography humans observe their surrounds and take a moment out of their busy lives to enjoy the simple things that are already provided to us and will be for millions of years....   

Paul Cotelli

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